It has often been said that the Indian monsoon awakens nature from its deep slumber and transforms the dry land into lush green picturesque landscape. The valleys become home to a varied species of wildflowers with a multitude of colours. With rivers on full swing, lush green trees and breathtaking beauty of flowers all around, Indian monsoon surely does offer one of the most beautiful scenery.

The prettiest and delightful sights during the monsoon are undoubtedly the gorgeous flowers that bring colours to the lush green foliage around you. This is the perfect time for you to fill your garden with the most colourful and scented flowers. So, here are the top five monsoon flowers with which you can decorate your gardens.

Cape Jasmine

This is among the best flowers you can choose to decorate your garden in this monsoon season, due to its sweet smell and magnanimous white blooms. This flower is also known as ‘gandhraja’ due to its ability to scent the whole yard wherever it is planted. You have many options when it comes to jasmine, and it can be planted as a container plant or as a hedge or even as bonsai.

Monsoon Cassia

This plant is a common sight and one of the prettiest to plant during the monsoon season. The contrast of their yellow flowers against the green leaves is a magnificent look during monsoon. This plant doesn't look just pretty but its leaves can be used as a garnishing also. And the seeds of this plant can be used as cattle food. The plant is relatively easy to grow as all it needs is enough sunshine and air.

Indigo flower

Any list for monsoon flowers is incomplete without the mention of this flower. This star-shaped flower blooms plentifully during the rainy season. Most commonly found are in navy blue colour, these flowers look simply breathtaking in a garden. There are many other shades in which this flower can be seen like violet, white and off-white.


These unique trumpet-shaped flowers have really vibrant colours and generally blooms during the rainy season. There are many different colours available for this plant, and the bright colours attract a lot of butterflies and hummingbirds that can further add to the charm of your garden.


A scarlet coloured flower looks really beautiful amidst the grey weather. Gulmohar can actually be called a typical monsoon flower as it blooms only when it is raining continuously. A Gulmohar tree is a perfect choice for a monsoon garden, the contrast of the flowers are also perfect.

There are many other monsoon flowers that you can plant in your garden besides those that we have listed, but these are some of the most prettiest ones. So, transform the appearance of your garden with these splendid blooms and bring beauty and positivity to your environment. You can also make a homemade bouquet of these flowers to gift to your friends or loved ones, or even send one online right to their doorsteps with flower delivery services.

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