Getting a flower bouquet is a great feeling, especially if it's from a loved one. But for many, it lasts for only a few days, as after that the flowers start to dry out and most people don't have a clue what to do so they usually through them in the trash. But there are many different ways you can still use that bouquet of flowers to decorate your home. Flowers N Emotions has put together the top 10 uses for an old bouquet of flowers, enjoy them!


Using a string hang your bouquet of flowers in a cool and dark room upside down. Then using cardboard on one side, and spray the bouquet with a coat of hairspray then leave it to dry. Repeat this again after three days. After they are completely dried up display them in a vase, they will make for a beautiful and long-lasting addition to any room.


If the bouquet of flowers consists of flat flowers like daisies, pansies, violets etc. it can be a great idea to press them. This needs to happen when the flowers are still blooming, choose some of the flowers that you want to press and leave at least an inch of stem on them. Grab the biggest book that you have and place the flowers in the middle, wrapped in a paper towel. Weigh the book down with other books for 7-10 days.


If the flowers have a sweet fragrance, then potpourri is a fantastic option you can do with your old bouquet. Simply by adding the dried petals to some fresh herbs and organic oils to give you a gift of aromatherapy.

Frame them

Keeping your flowers in a picture frame can be an excellent idea, use your dried and pressed flowers. Display the flowers in deep shadow box using a glue gun. You can also add some lace or materials to the background to jazz up the display.

Greeting cards

Handmade greeting cards are really special to the person who receives them as they convey the feelings of the person who made the card. You can always go the extra mile and make homemade cards using the pressed flowers and leaves. Attach them to the cards in a need fashion and decorate the cards to your liking.

These are the easiest ways in which you can make use of your old bouquets and make them into something even more beautiful. These can also be used as gift items, and you can create little-dried flower piece that you can gift to your loved ones or send some from our collection with gift delivery. There are many options and possibilities that you can do, time to get those creative juices flowing.

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