When it is about decorating the home, flowers would be the first preference. After all who does not like the air of love around them? Everyone appreciates the look and aroma of gorgeous blooms. Glass vase on the living room table with long tail flowers would embrace the whole decor, also provide a natural and pleasing fragrance without air freshener.

But to find out which flowers are perfectly fit to decorate the homes, can be confusing. To serve you the same, FlowersnEmotions is up with many best ideas to decorate your home with the best flowers. 

Jasmine: We all know how pleasing fragrance of jasmine is. They are best blooms when it comes to decorating the homes. Also famous as “Raat ki Rani” Jasmine splash fresh air and keep the surroundings pure. Moreover, there are some air fresheners with the fragrance of Jasmine, which too works well. But using the Jasmine plants is a natural is the best you can do for your home.

Geranium: If you love the look of geranium, then you can try to keep them indoors too. Ivy geraniums are best fit for home purpose as they have the variety of colours and are easy to grow.

African Violets: If you are sure about decorating your homes with flowers, then go for African violets as they have varieties of colours such as pale pink, white, etc. and they are easy to maintain.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus flowers always add a kind of different look to the garden, so to the homes. They are of red, orange, and yellow shades. They don’t last for long are beautiful.

Orchids: Orchids are known for elegance. And after all increase the beauty of the place wherever they are kept.

Anthurium: Anthurium flowers grow in bright light only. So if you are thinking to decorate your homes with these flowers then make sure you provide the proper light.

Cape primrose: These are bright colour flowers and come in the variety of shades such as purple, white, red and many more. These blossoms look very beautiful when put on a kitchen Windowsill. 

If you are looking to gift any of these fresh blooms to your friends and family members, then get it today by selecting the same day delivery service of FlowersNemotions. 

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