A cake is expected to be perfect in every way be it in taste, presentation or the frosting. To get a cake that is perfect for a picture the most important thing is frosting, without which a cake cannot look presentable. The frosting is also essential as it adds flavour and abundance to the cake which makes it look more exciting and gives it the smooth texture that we are so used to. You can design your cake according to any occasion using frosting.

The frosting is really delicate and important part of any cake, at the time of frosting a cake you need to make sure that the texture is smooth and it looks neat and clean. Frosting is not just limited to cakes, and it can be done on cupcakes, doughnuts, pancakes and cookies. The type of frosting will be decided according to the desert. Here are a few types of frostings for you to understand which should be used and when.

Basic buttercream:

This frosting is made from butter and icing sugar and is very light and smooth texture, and it can easily be spread on the cake. It is mostly used for cakes and cupcakes, the most common flavour that is used with this frosting is vanilla. But, it can go well with any flavour of your liking.

Cream Cheese:

Whenever you think of red velvet cake, cream cheese frosting comes to mind. It is same as the buttercream, but instead of butter here cheese is used and it gets tastier the chilled it is. You can add any flavour of your choice in it and use it on many different cakes like chocolate cake, carrot cake, pumpkin cake etc.


This type of frosting is the best choice for designer cakes or the custom cakes that are made in various unique shapes like a Barbie doll, car or bike etc. the basic ingredients are sugar, water and gelatin, it has a clay-like texture which can easily be rolled on top of a cake. This is stronger frosting and is mainly used to make designs that would be impossible with the traditional frostings.


This type of frosting is very thin and glossy in appearance but becomes harder when dried and is mainly used for coffee cakes, cookies etc. this frosting is applied by sprinkling or brushing it on the cake. The best flavours that it goes with are lemon, chocolate and orange.

So, these are the different frostings that are used to make every cake look perfect and delicious. Cakes are an excellent product for gifting, and everyone loves them, so why not send it to a loved one that you miss or as a present for some special occasion with cake delivery services.

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