Why Chocolates

What comes to your mind when you think of chocolates? Kids, Love, Friendship, Stressbuster?

All this is what comes to most everybody’s mind. Our minds have been invariably and unconsciously trained to think about these things when we think of chocolates. And hence, we associate kids, love, friendship and stress with chocolates.

But, have you ever thought about what makes us get these chocolate cravings? Why do we feel we should eat chocolates? Why do we feel we should gift someone chocolates? Why does it happen that cravings for any other sweet or food item are not that high as compared to chocolate cravings?

Well, there is some science behind this too.

When you actually eat chocolate, there is something that happens to your body. The chemicals in the brain viz. serotonin and dopamine increase in levels. This alters your mood as the cocoa is absorbed into your bloodstream which results in pleasure. And hence you really feel good after eating a bar of chocolate.

Maybe this is the reason we offer chocolates to kids, or gift someone chocolates so that it changes their mood and their minds become relaxed.

Apart from all these chocolates do have good health benefits too. There are numerous health benefits of consuming chocolates in moderation and those include reduced inflammation, reduced blood sugar, and decreased levels of bad cholesterol.

Did we ever think that chocolates could have these many benefits? But, now that you know why not gift someone or even gift yourself some yummy chocolates to increase your dopamine and serotonin levels and get the ‘feel-good’ feeling? Do not feel guilty the next time you get some real chocolate cravings.

Get some of the choicest chocolates ordered from Flowers N Emotions to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

·   Get a beautiful Kit Kat chocolate bouquet wrapped in bright red packing paper.


·   Instead of the customary cakes, buy a 3 Tier Choco Pop Cake.


·   Gift your loved ones a perfect Cadbury’s Celebration Pack.


·   Confused which chocolates to gift? We have a solution. Get a hamper of assorted chocolates from Flowers N Emotions.


·   Love classy chocolates. Don’t worry, we have Ferrero Rochers as well


·   Want an exotic chocolate hamper? We have that as well.


·   A beautiful Kit Kat basket along with Choco pops.


·   Love Cadbury’s Silk? We have a fully loaded hamper of it.


With so many options and even more, don’t hesitate to satisfy your child’s cravings for chocolates. Or gift your special ones with special chocolates. Even better, buy a lovely hamper just to satisfy your taste buds.

Enjoy every moment of eating chocolate to the fullest. 

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  • Apr 21, 2020
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