Navratri is a Hindu festival that continues for 9 days. This festival is all about worshipping Hindu Deity Durga and her other nine forms. This festival is celebrated in a grand manner all over India. The ending of these 9 days of Navratri welcomes another festival- Dussehra. And after 20 days of Dussehra, the most famous and important Hindu festival- Diwali is celebrated.

This festive season is considered prosperous in India. People around the nation celebrates Navratri with doing Durga Poja and performing Garba. Along with this giving gifts at the time of the festive season is also considered lucky, it’s a great way to keep the dear ones cherished. So, if you are confused about what gifts to give on Navratri festival to the loved ones,  then this guide will assist you. One of the best ways is sending them gifts. But deciding what to offer can be really challenging. 

Flowersnemotions is an online florist offering a wide range of gifts and flowers for this Navratri and special occasions.

  • Flowers are the best way of making someone feel very special. As well as, they are must for any occasion and festival. So gifting your loved one's flowers is very pleasing.
  • As it is the occasion of Navratri festival, you can gift the idols of Goddess Durga. As receiving the idols of Ma Durga during Navratri symbolizes good luck.
  • If you are looking for something good and attractive, then you can gift your, relatives and friends, a Pooja thali. As it is a Navratri season, and for sure, they will be in the need of this.
  • Festivals are all about sweets. And sending sweets as gifts is also a tradition.
  • Festival lamps can also be gifted. They look good and are trendy. You can gift a set of small Diyas or traditional lamps to your friends and relatives.
  • As it is a festival season, people will be decorating their homes. And gifting them the decorating items is really applauded. 
  • Gifting you loved one gift baskets such as dry fruits basket, fruits baskets etc can also make them feel special.

Flowersnemotions is there to help you in choosing the best and perfect gift for your loved ones. We offer specialized as well as customized gifts services to our buyers. Not only this, but we also help you in selecting the best bunch of fresh and specially chosen flower.

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