August is here and along with it there comes a lot of festivals to celebrate. The first to arrive is on the first Sunday of August, friendship day. It is celebrated all over the nation by youngsters with great enthusiasm. Everyone has a unique way in which they celebrate friendship day, some give cards while some give gifts, but all of them have become so common these days. So, why not uniquely celebrate this friendship day by making it eco-friendly, here are some ideas by which you can go green this friendship day.

Gift a plant:

This friendship day gift your friends a beautiful bonsai plant, this will deepen your relationship. They will nurture the plant just like your friendship, and the plant will grow strong and deep just like your bond. They will always remember this gift of yours. Consider their preferences and decide on a plant accordingly.

Flower bouquet:

Flowers are the universal gifts as they are right for every occasion and celebration, the only thing that matters is their colours that signify the feelings and emotions they convey. And for friendship day the colours are yellow and pink. So present your friends with yellow roses, pink lilies or orchids. Yellow and pink are a symbol of friendship and will convey the right message to your friends.

Flower bands:

Friendship bands have become a symbol for friendship day, and young people are crazy about them. There are many variations that you can find in the market, but a band with real flowers is something unique and will make your friends feel special. The fragrance of the flowers will keep your friendship even more lively.

Do try one of these ideas, they are not very expensive, but the sentiment they carry are priceless. If you can't go in person to present them to your friends, then you can have them delivered to your friend's doorstep with flower delivery services.

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