One of the major festivals of the world - Christmas has arrived. With Christmas come happiness, joy and delight. Air filled with festive vibes, cake, Christmas tree, church bells, and candies; that’s how we would portray a perfect picture of Christmas.

We all wish our nearest ones on this special occasion. And without a doubt, gifts are the best way of doing so.

When it comes to gifts then what else can be better than plants!

And to help you in choosing the best plants for Christmas, FlowersnEmotions is up with a guide.

7 best plants for Christmas gifts:

  • Nothing else can replace the beauty of a Christmas tree. As we all know that Christmas is almost patchy without having a Christmas tree, so gifting a Christmas tree is not a bad option. And to enhance its beauty you can also go an extra mile by decorating the Christmas tree.
  • The Christmas time plant- Christmas cactus is just perfect. They literally lighten up the environment with their exquisite blooms of Vibrant yellow, red, pink, or white color. All what they require is medium sunlight and moderate moisture.
  • The prayer plant- it is having beautiful green and red leaves and its name is derived by the position of its leaves. This plant needs moderate moisture, indirect sunlight, and well- drained soil. They look simple yet elegant and make a perfect Christmas gift.
  • Begonia- This plant is just simply exquisite. Their awesome leaves with vibrant colors and spot enhance their beauty. Their leaves are beautifully bold and they change the beauty of home. So they can be gifted on Christmas and indubitably they will be loved a lot for their exquisite appearance.
  • One of the most popular and common houseplants- Money plant is best when comes to gifting on Christmas. And they are loved more because they symbolize good luck, fortune, and prosperity. All what a money plant requires in indirect sunlight, use of fertilizers on a regular basis, and well- drained soil.
  • Bamboo house plant- they are one of the perfect plants when it is about the fabulous Christmas gifts. This is a low maintenance plant and only requires water and sunlight on daily basis.
  • Orchids- Last but not the least. The vibrant colors of the orchid blooms bring happiness and best wishes. They stand for beauty and elegance. And everyone will love to receive them as gift.

Make this Christmas exquisitely remarkable for your loved ones!

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